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I have registered myself now, even though it may still say I'm not. Hopefully this means I'm more worthy of a reply.
I am a first time DIY. I am hanging blue board for the first time and the combination of my in-experience and no right angles, my seams and corners a pretty rough. I would like to do as much as I can to cut on the cost of the plasterer. When plastering, what is the maximum gap they can cover without filling? Maybe I should go arround and fill all the gaps with plaster or some other filler? If so, I read in this forum about sealing?! What should I buy for a sealer? Is all this just foolish questions? Is it just as easy for the plasterer to fill these gaps without adding much time/cost? Have I asked enough questions? What is the record for number of questions asked in this forum? Am I even close? Huh?

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Some questions can be answered, others not with the info you have given.

If you are putting up blue board for plaster, you are putting up what is called a plaster veneer. The blue board has to be mudded and taped just like any other drywall. It will take as long as any mudding/tapping job. Maybe a little longer due to the level 5 finish required by plaster veneers. Level 5 includes a mud skim coat on the walls/ceilings to fill all voids.

What you seal the wall with will be determined by the plaster that you use. I don't know how compatable, let's say USG's products are with National or vice a versa. Veneering is a system and I would advise to stick with the same manufacturer for all steps/processes.

You really need to start with your product supplier for much of the info you have requested, or ask your slider (plasterer.)

Remember, the plaster job can only be as good as the board job. Don C.

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