Mold issue?

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Mold issue?

I found a beautiful (so to speak) layout of a home, for dirt cheap. It is a duplex, and has great SF and design to the home- but one whole place has mold on the walls and ceiling. The other unit appears to be fine and could be rented while I rennovate the other. It is in forclosure and I think that there was a water break while the home was not occupied, and it just sat for months while the bank did its thing.

Mold has grown on all of the walls and ceiling- and probably the floor also. I could probably get the home for $10k which is why I am even considering this crazy project.

I am guessing that complete tear off of all drywall, flooring and insulation will be needed, along with some type of bleaching of the studs, maybe sealing with a KILZ type product, or something similar before I start to put anything back together.

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this, or if it is even worth doing.

What else could possibly be wrong with the place?

Could all of the ductwork and furnace also need replacing?

Could the mold sneak all the way through an adjoining wall through to the back of the drywall on the other side? I cannot see it in the one good unit, but I might see it on the back when I peel away drywall and insulation?

Also- this does not appear to be black mold yet- it is all green. But, could it have turned to black mold?

Is this possible to do? Or is it too big of a project. I have redone several complete homes with everything you can think of- but never tackled this. As I said, if it were not for the great price and the great potential given the layout- I would be passing.

I would also plan on buying the best mask I could find and plenty of HAZMAT suits while I tear out.

Any thoughts? Just trying to thoroughly think this through.

Thanks for all opinions.
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A couple of concerns. Unless you have a certified mold removal company sign off, you may have problems getting insurance. You can have health liability issues for future rentals and will have to disclose the prior condition in any future sale.

When the banks let these places sit, they aren't doing anyone any favors, and unloading them at fire sale prices is simply their way of unloading the liability. You can be certain that the sales agreement will clearly (and legally) states as is with all responsibility passing to the new owner.

Remember, mold is like the proverbial ice berg, you can only see the tip of it.

If I haven't scared you off, bleach and Kills are not the best for mold. There are commercial products that treat the mold and others that encapsulate it.

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.No reason that you can't do this. Yes the AHU could need to be replaced or at least cleaned. There are no certifications in much of the country for mold remediation so I would not worry about that. Kills is only a primer and will do nothing for mold. I look for something like Foster 40-51. Have an air test done before you close up the walls and after. This will take any liability away.
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If you're doing this yourself, I would make sure you or anyone else helping is not allergic to mold-- you may not know it with small amounts, but with a large infestation like this, it could be dangerous. Also, wear respirators. I think it's worth having a mold inspection so you know the full extent of the problem.

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