Test for asbestos?

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Test for asbestos?

Is there a test I can do to check my acoustic ceiling for asbestos? If it asbestos then can I remove it legally by myself?

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Even the professional testing facilities are challenges to identify actual Asbestos. It is impossible for us. That's what makes it soo dangerous, those fibers will go right through a good filter. The HEPA filters can catch it, but the trick is to not let it go airborne.

Laws will very, but I know of no place that will let the home owner remove large area of Asbestos. My state allows a couple of sq ft, but you still have to follow their procedures and file a report.

Search for Asbestos testing laboratories and they should have the instructions on how to collect and submit a sample.

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I've visited facilities that test for asbestos. It's not an easy thing to do. The material is imaged at high magnification with a scanning electron microscope (SEM), or preferably a transmission electron microscope (TEM), and also requires the use of energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). This allows the investigator to look at the morphology and chemical makeup of the particles to make a determination. There are also many different types of asbestos, not just one. This equipment is expensive to keep running, and the sample prep can be tedious.
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We have authorized and trained personnel to remove samples to bring to a lab for testing. No work is performed at a site until the test comes back. If + , then an abatement team goes in, dressed properly to do the removal.
As a general rule of thumb, (here anyway), anything/building/material prior to 1995 (?) 'could' contain asbestos.
Though it is not in use anymore in N.A., some materials are mfgr'd offshore where they are not so strict and imported for use here.
I have removed a sample of flooring tile for my own client and had it tested. Came back +, 1-5% contained. I did remove the old tiles myself, with care and sealed off area.
Do some local research 1st before proceeding..!

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