Need Help - Covering Nail heads


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I recently just bought my first house and have recently noticed some 'imperfections'. On some walls you can see the nail heads beneath the paint or they will have a slight raise on the wall. What is the best way to cover/hide these?

I was afraid to just repaint thinking that it wouldn't help hide them or even accenuate the 'bumps'. I don't want to wallpaper. What else can I do? Maybe its just because I know they are there, but on one wall you can see where they nailed straight down in a line.

The walls are drywall with a wood frame, and the house is about 36 years old.

...First time home-owner,
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I have one of these old rascals also. Take a hammer and tap the nail in until you have a slight dimple in the wall. Fill in the dimple with joint compound. You will probably need a couple coats. Sand and repaint to match the wall.
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Drywall nail pops happen in older homes (like mine) because the drywall nails used did not have rings on the shanks, and the moisture-caused shrinking/swelling of the framing pops them.
What I do is dimple the nail back in, screw a drywall screw next to it over the nail head to permanently prevent future popouts, and THEN spackle or compound them.
Works for me.
Good Luck!
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Old Guy, I like your idea of the screw to keep the nail from working out again.
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Sop for repairs. On ceilings you screw on both sides of the head. Don C.
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Thumbs up Thanks!

Just wanted to thank you guys for the replies....even though it sounds like a pain in the ass, it was exactly the type of info I was looking for. Thanks again...

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Mind if I jump in? The screw(s) are definately a must, I just wanted to add that after dimpling the nail back in, you may have some loose material (mud, paint) to dig out before applying new mud, for proper adhesion. Schiejr is also right about having to spot the holes more than once, the mud will shrink.


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