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I just wanted some tips on putting up plaster over painted drywall in my kitchen. I am pretty handy, but am trying plaster for the first time. Is it hard to do?? Are there any tips that I can have before I get started??

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Plaster is not a do it yourself type of big project. Just curious, why do you want top plaster over drywall?
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I'm with Taz, why do you want to do this? I would recommend not doing what you suggest for many reasons, but maybe we can help with another direction. Don C.
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taz and don,

this is why I am asking for some help, I have never done any kind of plastering, I have talked with friends that have had it done and have watched guys do it, and they dont seem like it is too hard. I helped install the drywall and then the plaster was put right on top of it, I was hoping that i would not have to tear out all the old drywall. Do u think that I should contact a professional? let me know. It doesnt seem like a big job, just mixing the plaster and then applying it. let me know
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Veneered plasters go on a product known as blueboard not drywall. This is only where it begins.

If you are just going for a skim coat or a texture, use joint compound. Otherwise go for it. Let us know how it turns out. Don C.
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Thanks Don C.

I think I am going to go with that, skim coat, but a friend ssaid to use textured paint. I am just trying to cover up the mistakes in the wall. When the house was originally built, it had wall paper. When we took down the wallpaper, you could still see the drywall tape through the paint. So i want to cover that up, I did some research on my own, HOMEDEPOT, and I have come to realize that if I want to plaster I will have to take out all the drywall and put up blueboard. I could do that, but don't realwant to go through that. I just put down a ceramic tile floor and have a new son in the house so dont want to tear everything up. But once again, thanks.
Hey what is your opinion on Textured Paint??

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I'm not a real fan of textured paints. Just my opinion though. My post concerning plaster had to do with lime/gypsum plasters, or the more conventional wall finishes. Look at Adicolor or Texston on the web. They have a product called venetian plaster which might give you another option. You can get it pretinted to a color you like, it goes on in thin layers (veneered) and can be burnished to the point of looking like polished marble. Amazing stuff. Joe Greco at Adicolor has been a tremendous help with furthering me along with his products.

Look at the galleries on these sites for examples. Don C.

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