Removing Glossy Oil Paint


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By mistake I painted my hall with glossy oil paint. Now I don'y like the glossy finish and I want to use a matt finish on the same walls. Should I remove the oil paint and use a water base matt paint or can I paint over with a matt finish oil paint.

What is the best thing for me to do? Please help!!
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No need in trying to remove the paint, you may bite off more than you care to chew. If you want to go back with latex, be sure the walls are nice clean and re-prime with a quality oil based primer (Kilz or Zinsser) and allow to dry then paint. Of course if you want to skip the priming you could re-paint with a low-sheen oil based. If they are slick finnished walls it wouldn't hurt to lightly sand them for re-assurance prior to re-coating.
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Thanx, the Primer worked

Thanx buddy... I opted for the primer and then repainted my walls and they now look great.... Thanx once again buddy...
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Glad to help

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