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I am putting up wainscoating in my kitchen. It will be the flat look. The way I thought about doing it would be to put a 1/4" sheet of plywood on the wall and then place the stiles and rails on top (they would be 1/2"x3"). The big qustion I have is how to finish the wainscoating against my door and window molding?

Do I pull them off the wall and replace them on top of the plywood? Do I use some of of an end cap? I am clueless. The moldings are only 5/8" thick. (Standard builder stuff).

BTW - I do woodworking and have a lot of tools (tablesaw, jointer, planer, etc.) so making thinkgs is not an issue.


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Are you asking how to make the end of the moulding look right where it dead ends?
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Yes.....where the rail and top cap would dead end into the moulding.

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I think I misunderstood the original question, but I'll try to help you some.

If the new molding sticks out farther you can carve and taper it down to match the existing.

The plywood edges against the molding would best be finished with some sort of 1/4 round.

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