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How would I replace ceiling tiles with drywall on a ceiling with no studs?

How would I replace ceiling tiles with drywall on a ceiling with no studs?

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How would I replace ceiling tiles with drywall on a ceiling that has no studs?

The ceiling I want to replace has tiles and I want drywall instead. The only problem is, there's no stud's up there above the tiles, it's just insulation. If I were to strip the tiles and frame, the insulation would probably all fall out.

Here's an example I found of what ceiling tiles I'm talking about:

Would I need studs? I'm assuming a big yes, if so, how would I add them? It's a 1 story house and I'm not sure how, or if I even CAN nail some studs to the ceiling so I can hang and nail in some drywall. I don't have access to areas up there either, it's pretty much the attic/roof and whoever added this part didn't really think thing's through too well when they added it.

It's a corner of the house room, there's wood/studs that surround the ceiling walls on all 4 sides, but I'm not sure how I would attached some studs to them other than just hanging them there...
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There has to be ceiling joists or rafters of some type. What's between the suspended ceiling and the roof besides insulation? You may need to remove the majority of the ceiling panels and insulation so you can determine what you have and what needs to be done framing wise.
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The grid holding the tile is suspended from something. It might be rafters or maybe there are joists up there higher. The insulation will probably fall out. I hope it is batts not blown in. You can save the batts and reinstall them if they are thick enough. You might want to upgrade the insulation. A good way to install a drywall ceiling at or about the same height as the existing ceiling is with hat channel. I don't know how to add a link here so google hat channel. It is a metal channel with a cross section that looks like a fedora. Hang that the same way as the grid is suspended now. I prefer 10ga hanger wire but it is harder to work with. 12 ga. Might be adequate for drywall. There are some tricks to keeping it flat and level. We can tell you how to do that if you wish. The drywall is screwed to the hat channel not nailed. Look some more to see what is up there and report back for more advice.

It occurs to me that you might be able to add a steel stud track bracket around the perimeter of the room and then install steel studs across that. They are lighter and I think easier to work with than lumber. I don't know what the allowable spans are but this would work in principle.

And of course you can nail a plate to the wall and then nail joists across that and you will have something to nail drywall to.

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