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Hi to you all. I live in a house that is about 40-45 years old and to my knowledge has the original drywall that was installed when it was new. Now though, almost all the nail heads are trying to poke through and the majority of the seams are showing. My question is what would be the best way to take care of this? I like trying to do these things myself but I realize that sometimes its not worth my aggravation to do work like this taking twice as long as a professional and then end up with mediocre results. If all that would be required is taping over the joints and patching the nail pops, could someone give me a rough estimate to do a 1400 sq ft house? Thanks in advance.
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First get a real contractor to give you a price and time frame to do the work..Next you know how much and how long it will take them to do the job...Now how much are you willing to do to save 80% of the cost? the cost of the labor
you are working for free! But that is what this is all about right. but after you get a bid you will know more on what needs to be done... we are here to help you all the way...Nail popps: get a good screw gun cordless is real great for this re-screw all the sheet rock next to the pops with a 1 1/4" screw and this will bring more popped nial and screw next to them..
next take a nail set and set the old nails just deeper that before so the will hold. tape joints, if the tape is loose you need to remove the tape and start over, If the joint shows but is still tight you can try to tape over it. If id does not come loose it can work..no garantee...now fill all the nail/screw holes take off extra mud and let dry one day usily Ok nw sand lightly and fill one more time, the mud shrinks when it dryes.. thats why...now finish the wall by a texture or makeing smooth, smooth is a lot of work but if that is what you want and like it, it is well worth the time and work....

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