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I recently purchased a house built in 1915. All the interior walls are textured. I dont care for this look however my budget doesnt allow for complete removal and installation of sheet rock. Are there any other options available to me?
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You can try to skim coat the walls smooth(tricky to do for an amatuer) or sand them smooth(only an option for very light textures). Neither option have very much to recommend them. If you can't afford to replace the rock, can you afford to hire a crew to skim coat the wall smooth for you??

Good luck-
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1915? do you have sheet rock walls? or is the walls plaster?
It can be a real tough job to do but where and when woould you get a chance to learn a skill that takes time to learn..
If sheet rock you sand the high spots and fill the low spots
when filling use a 10-12 in knife and go slow when you fill so the knife will not chatter, fill and let dry,,sand the high spots an fill the low spots let dry.....untill you are happy with what you have...you can make it look like a skip trowle finish with out makeing it realy smooth first and I like the look...so check it out after each sanding before you fill ................If it is Plaster you may need to power sand first and work on it the same as with drywall..
Take your time when putting on the mud it will save you a lot of time ...by not having to sand so muck off to smooth
it out after you do a small area you will know what I am talking about.....Now for some impotant things to look for Older home all most always have asbestos in the texture and taping mud some old plaster has been know to all so have some asbestos in them to help keep it from cracking BEFORE YOU SAND ANYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW if you find asbestos you CAN NOT sand it this is a big problem. There are three types of asbestos that can cause rather serious problems. It is not safe to assume that the material does not contain asbestos. The primary concern is that the asbestos fibers will go airborne, be breathed in, settle in the lungs where problems such as asbestosis can develop.
Get it tested then go from there...Good Luck


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