Mold and moisture problem


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My house is 8 years old and i use unvented propaine heaters as my heat soures. I have a problem with mold growing in the corners, along the upper and lower parts of the walls and alot of moisture on the windows. This happens in most of the closets and rooms in the house. I think it may be a ventalation problem but im not sure. I read someone having the same problem and there was a reply that said install a "balanced vent system". If this is the correct thing to do can someone tell me what a balanced vent system is? Also is there any other things that could be causing the problem?
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NO VENT....This is not can fun out of oxigen in the house and die! I know that this is being done but should not be....All gas fuels have water in them and water does not burn so it vaporizes and settles in the house, the tighter your house, the more of a problem this can be..
Mold can make you ill if the mold sperms develop and blow around the house, need to heep the mold under control..
You can help this with house hold bleach and water in a spray bottle start with a 50-50 mix and do not spray anything that the bleach will damage..Get a dehumidifier in each room you a a heater, this will help with the moisture
from the gas, the gas fumes still have me very concerned..for you and your family.....Good Luck
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done right is right about the concern about burning up all of the oxygen in the house. You need to make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors in the house.

The water is not from water in the gas. ANY time you burn a hydrocarbon (natural gas, LP gas, kerosene, fuel oil, etc.) the products of combustion are water and either carbon dioxide and/or carbon monoxide.

The mold problem can be minimized by insuring good moving air (ceiling or floor fans). The mold will grow in areas of low air flow.

Your biggest concern is carbon monoxide poisoning, with unvented heaters. It ain't about burning all of the oxygen, as much as it is building up large amounts of carbon monoxide. What you are doing is like running your car inside your house. Go feel you exhaust, it is warm. However, I would hope you have better sense than to breathe it! If so, get vented heaters!!
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Angry Venting and CO

Go to and scroll down to "Vent Free Gas Fireplaces and Why We Don't Sell Them" and read the information there. Excess moisture causing mold and mildew is just one problem, and as others here have mentioned, not the main one. The articles are on ventless fireplaces, but ventless heaters are pretty similar.

From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency "Never operate unvented gas-burning appliances in a closed room." -- -- and "Choose vented appliances whenever possible" --

Until you can get properly vented heating equipment, please keep some windows open in your home (even if its really cold outside) whenever you are using the unvented heaters. It is not a real solution, but it will allow oxygen in and CO out (if there is sufficient air exchange).

Good luck and be safe.

- Sequoia Schroeder
Van Nuys, California

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