Best way to cut out a wall

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Best way to cut out a wall

I am cutting out a non load baring wall. The wall has metal studs and I did a preliminary cut using a sawzall. I screwed a metal stud horizontally for a guide which worked well on the side of the sawzall but on the blade free end it just goes every where.

I do not want to take the wall completely out. I need to leave about 16 - 18" from the ceiling so I want to try to cut as straight as possible horizontally.

I thought about screwing another metal stud on the other side of the wall (free side of the blade) so that the sawzall can use the metal stud as a guide on the inside and have the free side of the blade use the metal stud on the outside of the wall as a guide.

If there is a better way to do this I am open to ideas.

Any help appreciated.
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I would probably cut the drywall on both sides first, and remove the lower portion of drywall from the wall. Then you can see clearly where to cut the stud on both sides. (using a stiff backed metal cutting blade like Milwaukee Torch will help you cut straighter). Keep in mind that you will need to have something to cap the cut ends of the steel studs, so you will likely need to cut about 1 1/2" more drywall off than you are planning. Cutting that extra 1 1/2" off will allow you to cap the bottom of the steel studs with a steel wall channel which you will probably want to screw to both sides of each stud.
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Since your likely going to repair the soffit your are creating, being 100% perfectly straight is not as important and you may think. When I remove walls, I like to take the "disassemble" approach.

Measure down from the ceiling to where you want to end up (something more exact then 16-18" ) Remember to deduct the thickness of your finish material (5/8" rock?) and it might be helpful to cut it 1/4" short of that. Snap a line. Using a Sawzall cut along that line, only cutting the drywall, not the studs. Do the same on the other side. Remove the drywall from both sides. Now, cut the metal studs with tin snips as close to the line you cat as you can. You may have to undercut the metal and bend it into the cavity of the soffit with a hammer. Resist cutting the studs with the Sawzall as it will shake the crap out of the hanging soffit.

Use the metal stud scraps you cut out to fill each open cavity on the bottom. You could also do as Sleeper suggest, cutting the rock shorter and install a piece of metal track. You can adjust the level of these pieces down so that they are straight, level and to the height you want (minus the finish material). Screw on your new rock. Corner bead and mud it up!

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