Drywall Repair Under Gloss Paint


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Pat Fox
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There were repairs done to the bathroom years ago and then covered over with a gloss paint that someone told me is enamel. The repair work actually juts out from the wall and I also have small indents where the screws are holding up the gyprock and have sunk in. I tried to sand down the bad areas and burnt out my Black and Decker sander, but I have managed to scrape the paint off the bad repairs with a scrapper. I know you have to feather the compound out when doing gyprock repair and would like to know if I have to scape a large area or will the drywall compound stick to the paint when I feather it. I would also like to know how to cover this horrible dark mustard yellow gloss paint when I am finished the repair. Thank you in advance for your help. Pat
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some help
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You have the right idea, use a strait edge to see how flat the wall is this will tell you how much you need to remnove.It would be best if you could take off the enamel,
but you can ruff it up so there is no shine and it can work.
To paint over that old paint Use a good primer and let it dry real good and paint..

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