Reduce Sound from Toilet Paper Holder

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Reduce Sound from Toilet Paper Holder

Hi Guys -

This is sort of a strange one - thanks for your advice.

My kids' crib is directly on the other side of the wall from a toilet paper holder in a bathroom. Whenever the toilet paper holder is used in the bathroom, the sound of the unrolling can be heard pretty clearly in my kids room.

How do I deaden this sound? I was considering drilling a small hole in the wall and filling the cavity up with expanding foam thinking that it would reduce the the sound as long as I encased the screws that hold the toilet paper holder in the foam.

Do I have better options without ripping down a ton of drywall?

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Sounds are good for the kids. It attunes them to noises. I would not worry about it.

I had my one son in the living room with us during a superbowl party 3 yrs ago. He was12 months then. Slept right through 20 drunks yelling and screaming.

In fact my kids sleep through anything know that they are older.

Dont tip toe around and especially dont go in the room everytime they wimper....

Mike NJ
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I agree.
A lot changed as our family grew but one thing that didn't was that I continued to listen to "my" music at "my" volume levels !
It didn't take long for our kids to be sound sleepers.
IMO a child's ability to sleep in most cases is conditioned by us.

To answer your question; take some foam pipe insulation that can be found at any hardware store and put it on the holder then slide the roll onto the foam.
It might stop the roll from from rattling as it goes around.
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Could also switch to a free-standing holder.
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Roller Noise

Remove the tissue very slowly.
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Sound from unrolling??? If you're talking about a squeek, get a new TP dispenser!
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Just set the roll on the back of the toilet and don't use a dispenser.
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I'm with the first few responses - leave this alone and the kid will get used to it. Try to make your house very quiet for sleeping kids and pretty soon they'll only be able to sleep when the house is quiet.

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