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After installing a chair rail in my basement office (8 x 8) I began to notice a couple of the screw (not nail) heads popping back through the sheetrock quite noticeably. The only thing I can think of is that the sheetrock wasn't sitting tight to the studs after I screwed it in and now as I nail the rail up, it is pushing the sheetrock tight again and the screws are popping out. Could I be using too big a nail for the molding? I think I am using 2" 6d finish nails. Before I install a chair rail in the rest of my basement (1000 sq. ft.) I want to know if this is likely to happen throughout. Would I get better results if I use smaller nails attached with a finish nail gun? And how often should I nail the rail, every stud (16" centers)? I was really hoping to have a chair rail throughout with a darker color paint underneath to break up the monotnous walls, but I want to make sure I am not going to end up with screw pops all over. If worst comes to worst I can use a wallpaper border to separate the two wall colors instead of the rail, but I would rather not. Thanks everyone and sorry for the long post.
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tcg, The nail/screw popping you are having trouble with is common when running trim. I can assure this because as a painter I have had to repair many times when this happens. If you just had couple pop out in an 8x8 thats not to bad. Run them down, patch and touch up. If your basement is not finish painted yet I would put all af my rails up and repair any popped srcews.The cause of this is, as you say, the drywall isn't drawn to the studs all the way....Mike

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