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In my house there are two 6' walls with openings between them facing the kitchen/living area. The walls were put in, I assume, to hide the electrical and heating elements (and perhaps for some strange design.) Yesterday I removed the sheet rock from one of the walls to find out if there was a header or I-beam above; unfortunately there wasn't. I want to remove both walls and open the space up entirely. My tentative design plan is to replace the walls with two columns to be used as both supporting and design elements but not positioned in exactly the same place as the current walls. The span is about 16'. The ceiling in the living room is lower than the hallway by about 1' and the columns will be located in the area with the lowered ceiling.
I am a novice at this but do know enough to support the joists with lolly columns before removing the studs from the wall. However, what do I use as a support over the columns and how do I hide it? I'm trying to do this job myself or with occasional help so a steel I-beam seems out of the question but 2 2x12s seem more manageable. Are they? Am I missing the big picture? Any suggestions?
thanks so much.
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If these walls are paralell with the floor joists above, they are not bearing walls! This would mean you could remove them .If They are bearing its best to talk to a architect.If your house is a two story you need to know the load this wall is carrying.Its not a simple answer to give without seeing it.

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