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The house I live in I assume is old, it still has knob and tube wiring. My problem is that I wanted to fish some telephone wire from my attic into my bedroom on the inside of the house on an exterior wall, but I have hit wood blocks in both locations I drilled. The first location was about 2" down from the ceiling. I cut the drywall with my dremel and underneath it was a painted surface and behind that appears to be a cotton mesh behind the painted surface. I tried to drill through that, but have hit nothing but wood. Second location I tried was about 2" above the 6" baseboard. This time I tried drilling a hole about 3/4" and hit nothing but wood again. I appears that the 2"x4" studs 16"o.c and drywall is not what was used. What is it I am dealing with here? Please help!
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Since you did not indicate where you live, or how old your home is, my first thought is you are hitting fire blocking inside your walls. They would be blocks of wood inserted between the studs to keep fire from running up the inside of walls. The locations you have indicated are just about where they put the blocking.

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