paint peeling from plaster walls


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My home is approximately 50 years old and is constructed with plaster walls.

This morning I noticed what looked like a crack in the wall above a window and upon further investigation realized it was the paint peeling. I have noticed this in a couple of rooms and areas throughout the house.

In both cases it is as though the paint "lifts" and can be easily peeled off. The wall underneath is "dusty" for lack of a better word (covered in a thin layer of white dust under the paint).

The walls were repainted shortly before my buying the home 2 years ago.

I am wondering what I can do to fix this problem short of chipping all the paint off and trying again to only have the same results or go to the expense and hassle of drywalling over the plaster walls.
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You might also post this in the "Painting" forum (if you haven't already) just to see if you pick up some different responses there. The way I see it, it all depends on which layer of paint is cracking or peeling. If it is just the last coat that was put on, it could be that whoever painted didn't prep the walls properly, or it could be that they used a very poor quality paint (or both). In that case, I would chip off as much of the paint as possible, wash the walls thoroughly with TSP, and repaint them. If it's the original paint that is cracking and peeling, and you can see the plaster coat on the walls, then I would seriously consider hanging new 'rock over them. Trying to get that layer off without damaging the plaster may prove to be impossible. Also, at 50 years old, the original paint contains lead, and you probably don't want to get too involved with that.
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Due to water

I have been doing plaster and painting repairs for 18 yrs, what is going on in these rooms is your seeing that the plaster had got wet, which it will turn into a mud, Well one thing I would like to know is, does your home have a new roof or the same one when you bought the home?
Anyways here's what's going on, your plaster is getting wet or it has been wet, the paint has lost it's adhesion to the plaster, there for the paint is peeling, now if there is alot of white powder, this is cal elfusion, what is going on the salt is being washed from the portland cement,
depending on if the roof is new or old will tell the story about how to fix this problem, let me know about the roof, then I can tell you how to fix this so you can paint and won't have to worry about peeling paint,

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