Removing Drywall Dust


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Pat Fox
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I removed the molding around the ceiling only to find anywhere from a 1/4 to one inch gap between the ceiling and wall. I have taped it applied drywall compound and sanded it but cannot get rid of the dust. I need to put on another coat of drywall compound, I am putting on thin coats and then sanding . I have tried vacuuming it, wiping it with a cloth and just brushing it down with a brush but yet the dust just keeps flying. Is there some trick to cleaning the surface before reapplying more compound. Your help would be very much appreciated. Pat
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I have used a very slightly damp cloth or sponge with success. Be sure the mud is totally dry though or else you run the risk or moistening it too much and turning it back into mud again.
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What you might want to try is this, get some 90 Durabond,
It comes in brown bags, this is a self setting joint compound, once it drys it's like cement you can't sand this, so try and get it smooth, after it drys take your knife and shave any high spots, then take some Topping compound and finish your repair off with this, let it dry over night sand to a smooth finish, then prime it and spackle after priming, then you can finish paint,
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