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My house is 50 years old and has quite a few cracks in the ceiling and around the windows where the wall meets the ceiling and floor. It is made out of wallboard. The inspector told me that the cracks are pretty typical for the age of the house. Is there any good way to repair these and keep them from coming back?
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Most of the cracking in your home is normal exspansion and contraction, your house does this every year, So what you want to do, is to open up these cracks using a tool called a 5 in 1, after you have done this take and use a small paint brush and dust out the crack, now depending how deep and wide these cracks are, you'll need to get yourself some Durabond(brown bags), this is a self setting joint compound, it comes in 20,45,90, and you have to mix it by hand, we use 12" or 14" mud pan, you want to get your mud thick if the cracks are large, now if you have small cracks you want your mud to be more creamer, this way you can force the mud into the crack using a 6" taping knife, let this coat set up and get hard, once it's dry take and use your 6" knife to shave down any high spots, then put another coat of mud down on the wall or ceiling, cover the whole lenght of the crack, now get yourself two knifes a 5" and 6", then take your paper drywall tape press it into the mud, then holding down the one end of the tape, and taking the other knife and starting with both knifes together pressing hard enough to set tape in your bed coat, then push away with the 6" knifesmoothing out the tape, then put another coat of mud and then pull with a 12" or 14" knife nice and smooth,
then let this dry, after take and mix another pan and skim coat it, after this drys finish up with a skim coat of Topping Compound, let dry over night then sand out using 80 grit sand paper,to a smooth finish, prime with latex primer, spackle and finish paint, Good Luck
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