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Smile Drywall experts

Good afternoon,
I am currently building a new home in Connecticut. I am looking to hire out drywall hangers and tapers. I am building a 3300 sq ft living space and the walls are 8' tall downstairs and 9' tall upstairs and 38 x 62 in length for all 4 walls. The house has about 38 windows and 20 doors. I am providing all materials and just looking for labor for this. I came across a bid of 26K just for labor... I thought this was insane but I came here to see if you agree with that bid or with me?

I guess my question is, is this price what I should come to expect when it comes to just labor for hanging and finishing a wall?

Thanks in advanced for all your help!
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Welcome to the forums.

Too many variables to give you a good answer remotely like this. Best bet is to get three or more bids so you can compare.
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Here in the south, drywall hanging/finishing is normally priced by the board - do you know how many 4x12 boards of drywall the job will take? [including scrap] If prices are by the board you should be able to get rough estimates over the phone.

As Mitch said, it's always best to get at least 3 estimates - and check references!!
While usually one crew will hang and another do the finishing - it's best if they work for the same company. That way a bad hanging job won't cost you more when it comes to finishing.
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What advice have your neighbors given you? And what referrals?
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One of the variables between what a home owner will estimate for materials and what a contractor will want to charge is waste. They don't like to save pieces or chase around to fit them in and besides they are getting paid per sheet.

Another is delivery. They will have it delivered right through a window if necessary, right to where they need it. They don't like moving it any farther than they have to.

Another would be selective ordering. Mixing 8', 12' and 16' sheets can reduce the waste and installation time. But it needs to be carefully planned and managed, else whatever is first on the pile gets cut to fit wherever they are working.

Let's work their estimate backwards. Calculate your total area to be covered, add 25% for waste. Divide the total area by 48 (that's a 4' x 12' sheet). That gives you the number of required sheets. Divide that $26,000 by 2 (half to hang and half to tape). Then divide the $13,000 by the number of estimated sheets, that is their price per sheet to hang plus the same price to tape. I did a rough estimate for a 3,300 ft� ranch (really rough estimate) and came up with $70 per sheet. Times two, because that's to hang and another $70 per sheet to tape. I hope the others here will check my math, because that would be extremely high.

Calculate your area and don't subtract for doors and windows, those are waste.

PS, if you didn't have all of the numbers before he did the estimate, he bid high.


PPS, you are at a good spot to improve energy efficiency beyond normal building.

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