removing a interior wall


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I will be moving into a house shortly and the master bedroom is not as big as we would there a right way to begin tearing down a wall...also, will this weaken the ceiling above it....if so,how do i support the ceiling to keep it from sagging.......thxs
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You may not be able to just tear out the wall. Some interior walls are "load-bearing" - that is, they are crucial for the proper support of upper floors or the roof of the house. Most walls running at right angles to the ceiling joists or roof trusses are load-bearing, although this is not by far a reliable rule of thumb.

Removing load-bearing walls will weaken your whole house and could lead to a catastrophic collapse in extreme cases. On top of the immediate danger, building code violations caused by the improper removal of a load-bearing wall could make it very difficult to sell your house should you ever decide to place it on the market.

Properly designed and placed support columns can take the place of a load-bearing wall, but this is not a project on which you can just "wing it." If you are not experienced or knowledgeable about this kind of remodeling work, you probably should consult a contractor or structural engineer.


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