Unexplained holes in ceiling


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We have found 2 perfectly round and symmetrical holes in the ceiling of our first floor closet, which is located on the underside of our staircase (it has a 45 degree slanted ceiling). The holes are about 1" in diameter and have pushed the drywall outward as if something fell through the holes (but nothing did). The holes occurred about 3 months apart from one another and there is no explanation. Our builder stated he had never seen anything like it. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Are you sure that someone (a child?) hasn't just punched the holes with a broom handle, etc. and pulling the handle back out (or gravity) has the broken pieces appearing to be pushed or falling outward?

Only logical explanation that I can think of, and exactly what it sounds like to me. Is there something in the closet or house with a handle that matches the holes?

Should be easy to repair.

Good Luck!

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