2x4 's in the Ceiling

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2x4 's in the Ceiling

Ok so we got a grant to perform some improvements to our home. We have a 1.5 story home which part of was originally a log cabin in a mining camp with additions added on. We decided that since we were tearing out all the walls to sprayfoam the main floor we would also redo the crappy particle tile ceilings. When we removed the tiles we which were stapled to a 1/4 piece of plywood we discovered that our ceiling joice over the kitchen and dining room and support part of the floor of the bedrooms above are 2x4's Then span 12' and not only that but they were 8' 2x4's butted together and scabbed with various pieces of wood. I can't put 2x6's easily but I can beef up the 2x4's by doubling them up. My issue is I have a building inspector that will be coming to inspect the spray foam job and I'm wondering what kind of wrench this is going to throw in the gears of my project if he sees that.
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If those 2x4's were just ceiling joists it would be one thing but because there is a floor over them....they aren't going to cut it with the inspector. 2"x4"x12' is a long stretch for a floor. Unfortunately I don't think doubling them is going to be effective either.

Your problem here is that you've gotten a home improvement grant. That grant may require you to bring the building up to newer code specs. Sort of like a HUD (housing and urban development) grant.

You haven't posted a location in your bio so I'm not sure what you'll run into in your area.
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Some inspectors may let it go since it was preexisting and your insulating does not alter that existing structure. My inspectors would probably like to see the structure improved but would work with to develop a workable solution realizing that what's there has been working for some time and any improvement would be an improvement. Basically I think it might be worth talking to your inspectors before the inspection and feel them out for what they will want to see. You going to them up front and trying to improve the structure could buy you some good advice and approval leeway. Still it all depends on your location, your inspectors, their mood that day and the weather.
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I think the key phrase was "I can't put 2x6 in easily".

It may not be easy but it's probably necessary. The others have given good advice, I just wanted to throw that in. The inspectors may say the ceiling needs to be minimum 2x8, after all. It could possibly mean your ceiling will be a little lower. I'd find out what they expect before I got too far along.
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I should add that the upstairs is a .5 story. The other side of the supporting wall all the way across is 2x6 and of the 12ft span on the 2x4 side only only about 4ft of the upstairs floor is over the 2x4's coming off of the supporting wall. Then there is the knee wall and the rest of the way to the exterior wall is attic space. I want to fix it beef it up I'm just worried the inspector will be *unkind* and make me go way beyond what needs to be done.

By the way I am in Ontario Canada.

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Inspector's personality's vary just like they do for the rest of us. Some are very lax and/or easy to work with while others want to let you know they are boss That's why PD suggested talking to the inspector [or his office] first. Many [like most of us] are more willing to work with you if they are approached with the problem before hand.

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