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How do I know if a wall is a support wall? I can see 2x4's from the inside of our attic. Really haven't taken a better look yet. We would like to inlarge the bedrooms. We can also get behind the other wall by goind thru an opening in the closets. Any information is appreciated.
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ah the load bearing wall

there are several ways (none is foolproof) to determine whether a wall is or isn't load bearing

1 check your ceiling joists if they are split on top of the wall in your attic its load bearing

2 check your basement for any posts under the wall to transfer the load but if your house is older beware somtimes owners remove these absent-mindidly

3 if you are still unable to tell check the header above any doors or openings

a 2*6 or larger header probably indicates a load

4 if after this u still can't tell you might need to bring in a building inspector for help sometimes its tricky to determine what a wall does

heres hoping its just an interior partition wall--

hope this helps ----josh
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