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I need instructions on metal stud framing. also can anyone give me info on the family handyman magazine -is it online. need the feb. issue
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that could fill a book...

What you ask could fill a book, way more than we have room for. What specific questions do you have?
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what im looking for is basic instructions and also the article in feb 2001 handyman
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here are some...

Tools you will need include: aviator tin snips, tape measure, drill/driver, a vise-grip c-clamp is very helpful, chalk line, 4 or 5 foot level.

Measure out about an inch from the foundation in several spots. Use the level to make sure you will clear the foundation and other obstacles. You'd be suprised at how out of plumb or wavy some foundations are. Now chalk this line. Continue laying out the entire perimeter, keeping it square. Fasten the botttom c-channel to the floor using either a ramset or tapcon screws.

Overlap the corners - cut the side of a channel and lay it flat so the cross piece fits over it and lays flat.

Set a stud into the bottom channel. Use the level to make it plumb and mark the joist at the top. Do this on a couple of places. Now chalk the line. Attach the top c-channel to the joists using #6 1-1/4 inch fine thread drywall screws.

Studs are attached at top and bottom with a 7/16" pan head fine thread drywall screw. Use the c-clamp to hold the stud tight to the channel for easier driving of the screws.

The fine thread drywall screws are self-tapping.

Drywall is attached with the same 1-1/4" screws.

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