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I am needing to remove the popcorn ceilings in my 1975 home. They are dirty and ugly. I would like information on this process.
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Wink POpcorn ceillings

My wife and I are going through the same thing.Don't sweat it go out to the hardware store or your local wal mart or whatever to the paint section ask them for a rough roller for popcorn cellings and 1-2-3 Bullseye white stain killer primer it covers smoke grease mildew hand prints crayon Ect. we just painted the bathroom ceilling and was tottally suprised.I think this will help you out if the ceillings are really bad it might take 2 coats this stuff is strong smelling so you might want to have a window open while you are painting.It's less than 20$ a gallon and works great best of luck to you and your ceillings!
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Well your in for a messy job, But you can do it,
What you want to do is get yourself a garden sprayer, take and put a bottle of DIF wallpaper stripper in the sprayer, now cover the floors, I would use one of those big blue plastic traps, then spray the ceiling down get it damp all over then what you'll need to get, is a wallpaper stripper, it's a T handle tool that holds a 4" single edge razor blade, Now after the ceiling is damp, take and start in a corner then press the blade to the ceiling, keeping it flat with the ceiling, you don't want to cut into the drywall of the ceiling, just take your time and you can remove it, make sure you keep it damp too, Because they have just releast a study a few months back saying that the popcorn ceiling have some asbestos in the texture, so keep it wet not dripping wet just damp(No Dust) also wear a dust mask, but once you have all this removed you can prime the ceiling out, then spackle as needed then paint two coats
Good Luck
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