Sheetrock Debacle - Part II

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Sheetrock Debacle - Part II

I hope it is alright to begin another thread as I have some significant developments in my situation. To recap, my GC brought in a set of remodelers who did a very poor job on the sheetrock of our addition. The GC has been pretty absent from the project. The remodelers finished the sheetrock and left. They told me to buy Benjamin Moore paint and primer as it would "hide everything." As the pictures show, that is far from true. I went ahead and paid someone to texture the ceiling with orange peel finish to hide as much as possible. I was thinking that I would be able to get the ceiling to an acceptable standard. But I was wrong. My GC called the remodelers back in to do some spot repairs. He told them to swing by and do some touch ups. The pictures represent the condition after the "touchups".

I showed my GC all of these issues and he agreed to call in a professional sheetrock company to quote the repairs. When their estimate of $4000 came back he flipped, saying he plans to have one of his hourly workers do the repairs. The problem is, the hourly worker does not have significant sheetrock experience, let alone ceiling finishing.

So, my questions are:

Do I have the right to keep the hourly guy from doing the job?
Do I have the right to just withhold the repair costs from the final bill and fix it after?
Is this on the verge of a legal matter or can I keep this fair and civil?
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Bathroom ceiling - cracks and ridges along seems.

BTW, the orange lines on the cracks are there to identify the cracks better by daylight. We have a lot of light by day which minimizes this. By night you see all of this clearly.
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$4000 to fix this is just a crazy stupid "I don't want this job, but we'll give him a number anyway" number. Don't bother with them.

I don't think you need to use anybody you do not feel can finish the job correctly. I suggest getting other bids.

Yes, I would withhold money until if is finished correctly.

Note: Any wall will show imperfections when exposed to raking light as in your pictures, however, the walls should be better than that IMO.
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I'm an electrician. I don't mind sheet rocking for a friend but I hate to spackle. My work looks better than that. I'd be furious if I came home to that mess.

It looks like they spackled with a snow shovel

Maybe the "hourly" guy would do a good job but now you're talking about extending the job time. If that guy doesn't do a decent job it'll require heavy duty sanding and respackling by a pro.

Maybe someone else will have a solution to this issue.
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Michael... do you know what the first crew used for compound and tape? Also, did they glue the board to the framing? If you push on the drywall does it move in relation to the fasteners, i.e., do the screws or nails push out from the surface of the board?

No sense fixing the job if the board is not properly attached from the start. The GC should bear the cost of fixing it but you have to check local legalities regarding how you hold the funds, perhaps the money should go into escrow with a definitive agreement as to who should be making a decision regarding the acceptability of the finished product.

Has the GC used these guys previously, if they did this work for me I'd be escorting them to prison.
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if they did this work for me I'd be escorting them to prison
or it might be me if I gave the "finishers" what they had coming

Nobody likes to go back and straighten out another contractor's work so the price will always be high. Multiple bids might find a lower price. Paint never ever fixes bad finishing! I'd be inclined to let the GC fix it since it's his responsibility but calvert makes a good point about checking out the legal aspects. Your check book is always your best tool for getting them to make it right!
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All those tape bulges will need to be cut out and redone.
It looks like they tried to use fast setting drywall compound to do the whole job to speed things up and they were trying to use mud that had started to set up so it left all those tracks.
I'm not seeing one thing that's expectable.
If someone thinks that looks paint ready then they need glasses and to be asked to leave and not come back.
I would have been embarrassed to even suggest you pay me for a job done that bad.

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