uh oh... corner bead mistake.

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Thumbs down uh oh... corner bead mistake.

Hello everyone,
I am currently in the process of renovating an old house and I just made my first potentially not-so-easy-to-fix mistake.

Basically, I knocked down a wall between my kitchen and my living room, and I am now plastering. I've just noticed that on one of the inside corners (side of a wall to ceiling), I didnt properly install my corner bead and now that there is plaster on it, it looks crooked. (as though one corner of the wall is higher than the other).

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I was thinking just applying a thicker layer of plaster to one side, but I feel it may be fragile and defies the whole corner of having a corner bead in the first place.. Does anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps an old trade secret? Thanks in advance!

p.s. please disregard the less than ideal plastering job, I usually end up sanding and putting more coats than the pros, but I always get it in the end!

p.p.s. I'm really sorry about the sideways picture. It always shows up straight on my computer and ends up sideways on the forum. its frustrating.
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You mean an outside corner right? inside corners don't need corner bead

Is the corner bead uneven or is it the drywall/framing? You can build it up with j/c although it will be harder to define the edge and it won't be as strong although that isn't critical if it's high enough where it won't get bumped into.
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Hey marksr!

I said ''Ceiling'' yesterday because I couldnt remember what the proper term was. What I meant was bulkhead. Ths situation is that the (outside) corner bead I put along the bulkhead (on top, parallel to the floor) is not even on both sides, and now that I'm plastering, it makes it look crooked.

I am going to do what you said and build it up with joint compound. Thankfully its at the top so the fact that it wont be as solid wont bother as much.

Thanks so much for your answer. I don't know what I would do without this forum. I can't wait to find a question I will be able to answer. I feel like I need to give back!


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