There's a big ass hole in my wall!!!


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My sister pushed me into the wall and now I need to patch it. I was just wondering if you all could tell me the process for that.
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I'm not a pro by any means, but I would cut the damaged wallboard out in straight lines across the top and bottom, and centered on the 16"-centered wall studs.
Cut a new piece of sheetrock to fit, and use sheetrock screws to attach it to the studs about every 8".
Use sheetrock tape, and mud it in a bed of mud across and down the seams.
Smooth out with a sheetrock blade. Let dry over night.
Sand it, and spread a wider, second coat over the tape coat.
Let dry overnight.
Sand it, and spread an even wider feather coat. Let dry overnight, and give it a good final sanding. Prime it and paint it.
If the fresh paint stands out (which it probably will, unless it's a fairly new wall), you may have to paint the entire wall to blend it in.
Good Luck!
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(Reply to bigdog email)
The process is the same, even if you have to cut-out around a light switch.
If you don't know what "mud" (sheetrock compound) is, just go to the store and ask for it, or hire someone that knows (best bet).
It isn't difficult to mud sheetrock IF you know what you're doing. The trick is to make it look right (no visible seams) prior to painting, and THAT takes a little practice.
Good Luck!

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