recurring cracks in my ceiling


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My house is about 45 years old. The ceilings in my living room and dining room have hairline cracks in them. I spackled the cracks, only to have them re-appear almost immediately. I then bought a product called "Crack Be Gone"
Guaranteed to eliminate the cracks for good! Not so, they have now re-appeared! I would like to texture my ceilings, however do not want to go this route only to have these cracks appear again.
Is this due to "settling"? If so, how long does it take for a house to completely settle? The house does have a basement and I have noticed water damage on the north wall.
Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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what maybe happening is how is your roof in this house?
what could be going on is if the roof is old or you may need a new one, But anyways what you might want to try is go to local Home Depot or Paint Store and get yourself a wallpaper stripper it's a single edge razor with a long T handle, then take put down some drop clothes and get a dust mask, then take and carefully scrape the paint from the ceiling it may start to chip of once you have all the paint of you can now prime the Plaster, after you'll be able to spackle then sand prime repairs then paint, Good Luck
Oh and as for a house settleing it does that in the frist year after that it will exspand and contract with the seasons
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