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I have a 13 x 9 bathroom and the ceiling paint is cracking and peeling away! Due to moisture and maybe even wrong types of paints used together? I have sanded the ceiling and its not getting smooth. I also sanded my walls because they have been decorated with a metalic paint. Now in a couple of sections on the wall the paint is peeling in a few places and they are about 6" in width and 3" in heigth. I had a friend that use Steelrock All Purpose Joint Compound on her walls through out the rest of her home. Useing it like plaster.It has a pattern to it,(like whipped marshmellow) She then painted her walls. My question to you is,is it smart or OK to use this in a bathroom and if it is, should I make it smooth or can I use a pattern? I am putting in a fan. So the moisture problem will be solved! I want to make the ceiling smooth and the wall with a pattern but, I'm not sure if in the bathroom this would be good? someone PLEASE HELP !!! Also how hard will it be to do it smooth?
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I would say that the choice is a matter of taste. Its not usual to texture a bathroom but I've known lots of cases where the bathroom was textured to hide imperfections in the walls. If you choose to texture the walls, I'd recommend you mix in some mildicide with your paint. It couldn't hurt.

Good Luck!

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