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I want to render a wall at home but I cannot get a smooth finish. Would anyone have any advice about rendering with redi-mix concrete and how to get it smooth?
There are wooden, steel, aluminium, and plastic trows, is one better than the other, have tried wood with no success?
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Wood float = rough finish. Magnesium float = semi smooth finish. Steel Trowel = smooth finish. Purchase a Marshalltown pre-broke-in steel trowel (avoids hand lapping in over smooth concrete).

A normal process might be:
> Set grouds (guide boards for the rod. [In flat work a rod is called a screed board and grouds would be the form boards]. [different plains = different names].
>Apply mortar,(scratch coat), then scratch.
>Next day, (no accelerator used), dampen, apply brown coat, rod to a flat true plain. (Pull grouds and fill if required)
>(If necessary) when harder but still plastic darby highs. [A darby is a large wood float 3 feet or more in length]. ***[When grouds are omitted darby after application].
>When thumb print hard float with a magnesium float followed by an 18" steel trowel. The trowel is held flat to the surface (no lifting of edge in the direction of travel). Overlap strokes.
>Same trowel: do again (more pressure, lift edge 5-10 degrees in the direction of travel).
>Smaller trowel 3rd time (more pressure, lift edge 5-10 degrees in the direction of travel). A characteristic ringing sound should be heard.

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