Reasonable quote for mounting a TV?


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Reasonable quote for mounting a TV?

Hi all,

We're closing on a house in mid-May and had a contractor give us a quote on several things we'd like to get done before we move in. Unfortunately, the current owners are still living there and it is nearly impossible to get back in with another contractor to give us another quote.

The contractor we have is licensed/bonded and comes highly recommended, but I just wanted to make sure the quote he gave to us for mounting a TV seems at least reasonable.

He quoted us $585 for the labor/some parts. We'd have to supply the mount itself as well as HDMI/audio cables on top of that. He would need to run power/cable in the walls to behind where the mounted TV would be, run a wire duct from behind the TV to a socket near the floor (for HDMI/audio cables), and mount the TV onto the wall.

Does it seem reasonable? Trying to avoid getting scammed. Thank you in advance!

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Mounting the TV is the easy part. It's the wiring in the wall that drove up the price. You might want to cancel that job until you are there. You can probably get a better price.
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Why not do it yourself and save about $400.00?
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Its not unreasonable depending on the difficulty to run the wires. Many things can be a factor such as wall finish, insulation, etc.
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Based on a standard 16" OC wall with wood studs I usually get around $400.00 for an installation like that. The price you were quoted is slightly high but is not unreasonable.
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Just to be said
run a wire duct from behind the TV to a socket near the floor
So he's running power in the wall but he's running some sort of surface mounted thing for the signal cables? Sounds kinda ugly.

Also, why would you need audio cables to the TV? HDMI handles that.

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