Washer hookup in existing wall

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Washer hookup in existing wall

Hello DIY people,

I hope I am posting this in the right section, if not please forgive me.

I have an older house, that has plaster and lathe walls. Before I moved in, an extension was built onto the back of my house, off of my kitchen. Right now it's an empty room, but I want it to be my utility room, where my washer and dryer go. On to my dilemma.

The wall that I want to put the hookups on, used to be the exterior wall, before the extension was built. I want to use the recessed plastic box that is used for washer hookup (has the two spickets and the drain), and I want to place it in the wall cavity between two studs. My question is, this wall sits on the ledge for the house (The basement is directly below this wall), and I wanted to know what the best way to drill through the bottom stud, and the ledge, into the basement, while still staying inside the wall cavity. What I am hoping to do, is not have to remove the plaster/drywall on the wall just to get to the bottom of the studs. I am hoping, once I cut out the opening for the plastic outlet box, I can put my drill into the hole, and drill through the bottom that way.

Is this possible to do this, or will the hole come out in the basement somewhere where I cannot access it? What would be the best way to drill the holes so that I do not have to remove and patch a hole in the wall, and so I do not have to drill through the floor itself, but instead drill through the wall cavity into the basement?
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Holes in bottom Plate

Drill up from the basement. You may need a right angle drill to get into the floor joist cavity.

If you must drill from above, make an access opening near the floor. The patched wall will be behind the washer and dryer and will not be noticeable. Measure carefully so as to not drill into a floor joist.
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The problem with drilling through the bottom, is I have no idea where it's going to come out at the top. I don't want to drill in through the bottom, and end up drilling on one side of the wall or the other, through the floor. Here is an example of the floor plan:

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I am worried if I drill through from the basement, i'll end up on either side of the (old exterior wall), when really I want to be between the two walls into the wall cavity. The floor joists run opposite direction of this wall, so I don't think I will be a problem of running into one.

EDIT: I should note, that the small 'rectangle' section between the two rooms simulates the location of the wall cavity. Pretend that it it's a 2x4. I want the pipes to be in that area.
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Aside from the wall issue and drilling, where are you tapping in for your 2" line? Have you a vent near by? You most likely need to vent that line. That means going out through the roof or tie into an existing vent in the attic..

Like this..

With an old house often sinks and pumps are used. You can most likey use a AAV with this set up.. Then you just pump it to the closes 2" line or stack..

Pump like this and then washer drains into sink..

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