Pink Drywall (Chalk, not Paper)

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Pink Drywall (Chalk, not Paper)

I was removing some drywall in a partially finished basement room that I'm going to re-finish myself. There is a soffit in the ceiling that I started removing, but I found the drywall chalk was pink instead of white like the rest. I've never seen pink drywall before. (Again, the chalk, not the paper.) I've included a picture.

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I google searched and really couldn't find anything definitive. I want to make sure it's not anything harmful, like Asbestos. I have a basic understanding that Asbestos is more fiber-ish which I don't see here.

Have any of you ever seen this? Should I be calling a contractor and sealing the room off?
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I don't have a definitive answer, but according to this article impurities can affect the color of gypsum board.

Quote "Drywall is a construction material consisting of thin panels of gypsum board. ... form it is white, but impurities often give it colors like gray, brown, pink, or black."

From How drywall is made - material, manufacture, making, used, product, machine, Raw Materials
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What is the age of the house. Generally anything after 1980 should be of little concern. Some leftover stock was sold for a few years after the 1978 ban, but rare. If your house was built 1985 or later you are well beyond the end date.

Is the color on the surface or is the drywall pink inside?

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The house was built in the 50s. As in the picture, the drywall is pink on the inside (the chalk). Outside paper looks like it was white, but hard to tell because of wallpaper and paint over it.
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I just have to's not chalk. It gypsum or filler (?). Yes, I know, it kinda acts like chalk.
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Drywall consists of ground up gypsum rock sandwiched between 2 sheets of paper. They turn the rock into a slurry which is poured on the paper, covered by paper and sent thru an oven.

I've never paid much attention to the colors of the gypsum but would suspect gypsum mined at one place may be slightly different than gypsum mined in a different region - hence the color differences. Different companies may also have slightly different manufacturing process that could alter the color.
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I have noticed that old green, water resistant drywall seemed to be impregnated with something, maybe asphalt that made it dark. I would call it more brown than pink. Gypsum from Sweetwater Texas is pink. I would blame the places of manufacture for the color.
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House built in 90s has "pink" drywall, too

I, too, found a piece of drywall in my house with insides similar in color to what you found. The piece I found is in my kitchen, on a wall that's perpendicular and adjacent to the sink wall (wet wall). I was re-grouting/re-caulking the tiled back splash, a section of which extends onto that adjacent/perpendicular wall, when I accidentally gouged the wall. :-/ And while trying to cut the raggedy edges of the paper face back, I created a really nice pile of pink dust, and ended up turning what should've been a mole hill...into a mountain. Anyway, the house was built in 1992, but the kitchen was completely re-done in 2000 and I've only encountered white drywall innards everywhere else in the house where I've accidentally excavated.

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