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I am in the end stages of a new home construction and seem to have a disagreement with my builder about wet drywall repair. The builder had finished the drywall in master bedroom but left parts of house open to the elements. Consequently the finished drywall got soaked- twice. 1 inch of ice formed on top of ceiling drywall and melted , completely saturating the ceiling. It is now bowed and dripping on my floors. I told him I want it completely replaced where it was saturated. He says it will be fine if he just adds a second layer of drywall. I've heard horror stories of black mold and screws popping out.
What is the acceptable method of repair ?

Thanx, Bill
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personnally i can't imagine what kind of idiot would
install and finish drywall before the house is totally
enclosed. he shold be too embarrassed to suggest anything
else but tearing it off and redoing it right. i would
insist on it.
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It is a 5 piece modular home, so it came with 90 % of drywall finished. Still, I couldn't agree with you more !
He could've at least protected the investment. By the way I told him it's my way or litigation-funny how that worked !

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