Stucco for interior walls


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I would like to have a stucco look on the inside of my house.
Can i use a drywall compound and which one to use.
Will it stick to the drywall or just fall off after time.

From Cass
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The "stucco" look is a very heavy knockdown texture. You can either buy a mud-dobber, or rent an air compressor and hopper. I would recommend the dobber.

In either case, simply apply a generous amount of joint compound on the wall, and knock it down by lightly dragging a knife over it. The joint compound (called mud by most people) will stick fine to drywall and even painted surfaces as long as the wall is clean.

Good Luck!
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A/C Unit (self-contained) Won't Start

I have a self-contained A/C unit for a mobile home. The unit was working fine until this morning. Now when the thermostat is set for cooling, I hear a click from unit but nothing runs, ie. the fan, the blower or the compressor. I have checked the breakers and have power all the way to the relay switch. The relay seems NOT to be frozen as it clicks on the clicks off. I have replaced the capacitor (which is connected to the compressor and the fan). There is a smaller capacitor on the blower unit which I havent replaced as yet. (NOTE:The relay is located after the the two (2) buss fuses so they seem to be functional) The "squirrel cage blower fan moves freely by hand so that is not frozen-up). I'm not sure if replacing the capacitor on the blower fan will solve the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated as my wife is expecting and we are tight for money right now and the weather in South Florida is still quite warm...Thanks Again for any help and suggestions...
R. Lee

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