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I have a room that is an addon to a 70 year old home that has a flat roof construction where the roof had leaked some water onto the ceiling. We have correctly repaired the roof (Thank you KOOLSEAL) and now would like to correctly repair the ceiling. The ceiling was built with a sheetrock type material, I have heard it called wallboard, that was installed in the early 1950's. The water damage has caused the paper surface to stain, as well as some of the paper areas, maybe about 1 square foot, are peeling away. What is the correct method of a). repairing the paper damage where it has peeled away and b). correctly sealing out the stain before re-painting. All surfaces are completely dryed out, since no leak has happened for 4 months. -Alan
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if the sheetrock in the damaged areas are still solid i
would cut away the loose paper, cover with self sticking
mesh tape and patch with joint compound feathering out
the edges about 6" around the damaged spots. sand smooth.
paint the stains with kilz then repaint the ceiling.
if they aren't solid you should cut them out and repair
with new drywall.

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