How to finish outside corners?


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How to finish outside corners?

Hi all! I just finished hanging all my drywall in my new bathroom and am ready to start taping - I've done taping but never on outside corners before (I have 2 in this bathroom). I bought two metal corner beads, which I'm assuming just get screwed in over the sheet rock with drywall screws. Do I tape over the metal after that? Or just mud? Any other hints for handling outside corners? Thanks!
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I never perfected installing corner bead. I guess it's an acquired talent.

I do know that it is attached to the 2x framing in the corner with sheetrock screws. The screws need to be set in deep enough so that the spackle knife can bridge from the sheetrock to the corner bead without touching any screw heads. I never used tape on my corners but apparently it is recommended for reducing cracking.
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I always set my corner bead with drywall NAILS as the heads sit flush with the metal corner bead. Use plenty of nails (don't be shy). Key is to not push or flatten out the corner bead. as the tip of the 90 degree bend needs to stand proud of the rest of the drywall so that when you mud it buries all the metal. If you push it in too far, you will have difficulty covering the metal. Properly installed, it is just a couple of passes with mud with a 12" knife as the final pass. Easy peasy and much more user friendly than the taping of the rest of the seams.
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Most cases I will attach metal corner bead to the drywall using a staple gun and 5/16" staples. I then reinforce the metal edge where it meets the drywall with some fiberglass tape. Just make sure to set the corner bead so it is not flat to the wall. You will need to have an area to fill in the mud and cover the metal.
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I always nail the corner bead and rarely tape it. Screws generally don't generally set deep enough to finish over.
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Thanks everyone! I nailed the corner bead up and have put on two coats of mud. But I'm running into two problems yet.

First one is that whenever I perfect one side of the corner, I screw up the other side. Running the knife over causes blobs of mud to seep over to the first side and I can't get both simultaneously looking nice and smooth. Are there tips to this? Should I just leave the blobs and sand them off later? I scraped those blobs off between the first and second coats and now am waiting for the second coat to dry - I'm planning to do a light third coat but thinking I'm going to have a hard time with that final finish on both sides looking nice?

Second problem is that the corner bead itself is well-covered - I don't see any metal except at the very edge of the corner. (Same place the blobs are collecting ) I've been applying pressure on the knife passes to smooth everything out, but it means I end up with a very thin line where the metal still shows through. Does that mean I need to apply less pressure? Maybe it won't matter when I prime and paint?

Thanks for all your advice!
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Just let the blobs dry and scrape off the large ones and than run a damp rag down and finish smoothing it out.
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The metal on the tip of the corner should always show. When you sand you will shine up the very tip of the corner. The rest of the metal should be covered completely. An 8" knife is wide enough to taper off gently.

Dont worry about the blobs. Do the best you can and let it dry. Then knock them off with the edge of your knife once its dry. Or, if you have the time, you could just do one side at a time, let it dry.

After you sand, before your final coat, take a bright light, shine it on the wall, and only skim coat the areas that look like they need it. Your goal isn't to recoat everything a third time, its just to skim coat any rough edges left from your previous two coats.
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You can take your knife [minus mud] and scrape off the mud that slips over to the other side but as already stated it's not a big deal to either scrape and sand or sand alone when dry.

Don't forget to wipe off the sanding dust before you apply the primer.

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