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Cracks in upstairs wall & ceiling getting worse.

Cracks in upstairs wall & ceiling getting worse.

Old 05-20-17, 03:19 PM
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Cracks in upstairs wall & ceiling getting worse.

Structural question about cracks in my wall and ceiling. UNDER STRUCTURE in basement I find was compromised / damaged by termites before I bought the house.

It has been this way for 20 years. I think the ceiling wall cracks were there but ceiling didn’t extend out more than 10 inches an wall was all the way but VERY FINE crack…. The gap on wall I’m guessing is at the worst… 1/32 inch.. maybe a little more.
So over the years I know both cracks have gotten worse but I never put 2 and 2 together… I put a TV entertainment center in that corner….Total weight is probably 500 pounds?? Is it possible that new weight was the cause of the cracks extending and increasing in gap size?

I just started noticing the cracks in ceiling is EXTENDING and the crack in the wall….gap is increasing.

QUESTION… what the best way to approach this problem to STOP the cracks. What is the best way to Repair the damage in basement?

Should I add another 2x4 to studs and put screw jacks underneath to apply constant pressure? AS you can see in pictures to the far right corner is beefed up and under the stairs. BUT of course that is on the other side of the adjacent wall but still structure that ties in the problem area.
Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Dean

Name:  basementTERMITEtrailALONG2by4drywall.jpg
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Name:  basementTERMITEbottom2by4s.jpg
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Name:  basementTERMITEbehindHOTwaterTANKdrywall.jpg
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Name:  basementTERMITEupperFLOORwedgesBETTER.jpg
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Name:  basementTERMITEmoresUPPORTonTHErightTOstairs.jpg
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Name:  crackCEILINGandWALL2.jpg
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P.S. I don’t know WHY the CITY inspector didn’t make MENTION of this when they did an inspection to make sure it was up to code before I bought it…..ALSO they didn’t mention it was against the CODE at the time to have the BREAKER BOX in your bathroom. The basement had been remodeled so MORE than
1 inspector had to notice that problem too…. Thanks for your help.

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Added your last picture to your post and put spaces between the pictures.
Old 05-21-17, 05:47 AM
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So to clarify, the cracks in the walls and ceilings are on the main floor, the pictures you are showing are walls/structures in the basement below the room with the cracks?
Old 05-21-17, 06:16 AM
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Was the fireplace brick added at some point? That's a lot of weight and could contribute to structure potential failure.

"old damage" denoted on sheetrock back is termite food. You can see remnants of a tunnel below the white.

Since this was termite damage, was a termite letter ever issued? I have never heard of city inspectors inspecting a house prior to a sale unless it is a local thing. Generally you hire a home inspector (not one recommended by the Real Estate agent) to perform a thorough inspection and a report is given to you so you can make a determination of its worth.

It is against today's code to have the breaker panel in the bathroom, but if it was built in a different code edition it could have been allowed and grandfathered in so no mention would have been made. You can't make anyone bring things up to code just because the code changes.
Old 05-23-17, 12:27 PM
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Fireplace original to home

Sorry for the delay. I thought I would get email confirmation on activity. The fireplace was original to home. It extends all the way down to basement. Theses homes in the area were built my reputable builder late 1950s.

I did post a picture of upstairs but it appears last ON PIC list or you had to click on a link. I thing admin fixed it. THANKS.

Yes. The wall you're seeing with cracks is upstairs main level is directly above the wall in the basement. As you can see. Someone nailed on a 2x4 across the 3 studs. I never thought a thing about it until I noticed the cracks getting worse.

ORKIN did say the sheet rock and of course the floor 2x4 was old damage. No sign of active termites.

I don't know enough about construction but does ANY FRAME WORK of the home normally tie in to a fireplace or is it free standing. I was worried about that being the cause since it is adjacent to the cracked wall. Thanks for your advice. Will monitor this better since no email notification.
Old 05-23-17, 12:32 PM
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I forgot to mention. I was wrong about city inspector. I was a local business who inspected. But NO MENTION of old termite damage or the bathroom in basement with breaker box not being to code. My local electrician did say back in 1996 the breaker box was not per codes. I would have thought the remodeling company that did all the basement work would have said something to the owner back then. Too late now.

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