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While removing 20 yr old wallpaper, the drywall paper facing also came off w/ the old wallpaper. Now I have rough sections where the facing is peeled down to the inner layers of the wallboard. What to do? texture paint, skimcoat, hang textured wallpaper over it? I quit stipping paper when two section came off liek this. I don't think the drywall was properly prepped when the paper was hung way back when.
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Lightbulb Drywall damage/removing old wallpaper

Hi! The same thing happened to me and I got a great idea from a local expert. He suggested that I apply joint compound all over the wall and add texturing to it as I go...ie, sponge, rake, even using my fingers to make interesting designs. Once finished, then I can use a two part roller (using 2 different colors) or spray on one color. It would make an interesting look to the wall, totally original and also hide the mess removing the wallpaper caused. I just read on this site that others have mixed the joint compound with paint and applied them at the same time...interesting options out there...Good Luck!!!
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just pull off the loose stuff,sand lightly and skim coat it with joint compound,sand,sponge, whatever paint and it will be done

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