Basement cold room plywood ceiling


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Basement cold room plywood ceiling

The cold room in my basement is uninsulated and has a plywood ceiling held up by 2x4s. The room is directly under the cement front porch. The plywood is turning black and I want to remove it. Would the plywood and 2x4s be structural or would they just have been used to form the concrete above?
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I don't think that they are structural & I don't think that they were forms. However, it's anyone's guess as to what you will find. One thing for sure is that water/moisture is getting in there most likely from outside.
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I've never once seen that poor design work out and everyone I've ever seen was covered with mold.
It's been talked about on this and and any DIY site dozens of times.
Most people just add a footer and a block wall to close that area off in the basement.
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From what Ive seen and read Im assuming its non structural and can be removed. Has anyone ever seen a situation where it was holding up the concrete porch?
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Anyone's experience with this is no guarantee as to what you have. Assuming a poured concrete floor above then the plywood was likely put there to hold the wet concrete up. What support it provides now is, as stated, anyone's guess.

If you are in a cold climate then the cold plywood has been getting wet from condensation. my advice would be to clean up the mold you can see and then cover everything with several inches of foam insulation, spray foam would be great. The insulation will encapsulate the wood and keep the surface above the dew point.

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That sounds exactly how my room is built. From the inside I see 2x4's and plywood so that was put there to form the flat work for our covered porch.

No mold here and it's got an exterior door and the basement is insulated so no cold issues.

No structure there, but doesn't look like it would be a lot of fun removing!
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Took it all down. Was 1/4 inch plywood so couldn't have been providing too much support. The house is over 30 years old and has a sewer drain in the cold room which maybe supplied some of the moisture.

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