Water coming in from the window


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Water coming in from the window

Hi everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My husband and I recently purchased a house and are learning quickly that she has a bit of a personality. Recently, we had some rainy weather and found water pouring in from the trim on the window. In addition to that it looks like their is now a soft spot in the ceiling near the window trim. When my husband looked in the attic however their wasn't any water leaking from the roof and he said the vapor barrier was dry on the insulation. We ended up caulking the window and as of now haven't had water coming through the window. The soft spot in the ceiling seems to have dried however their now seems to be a bubble in the paint. My husband has since dismissed the incident as a fluke but I'm worried it could be one of those signs something is bad or will get worse. Can anyone offer me some advice? I've attached some pictures
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I would suggest you post some pictures of the outside of the window, and overall picture of the house exterior. We arent going to be able to diagnose where the leak is coming from with only pictures of the inside. We have no idea if the house is one story or two... or what type of siding it has.
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Oh thank you very much for your time. We have vinyl siding. It is 2 stories. I will update with some pictures of the outside when I get home from work.
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At first glance I'm not seeing how the spot on the ceiling is tied to the window leak, usually they are at or below the window unless there is something upstairs that could be leaking down to the ceiling!
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Is there a window on the second floor that is above the first floor window? If so, it is a good bet that it is the source of the leak. If water is getting in there the water could run down the studding or sheathing and run across the floor joists and show up as ceiling stains like what you are seeing.

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