wall joints showing through paint


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I am struggling to figure out why the lines of the sheetrock joint compound is showing through paint. Have primed and painted with 2 or more coats of paint. The compound is not actually showing through but seems to be keeping the sheen from being consistent across the wall. Someone has suggested that he "mud" may have been over sanded before the texture therefore raising fibers on the sheetrock. Please share any ideas or if anyone else has seen this happen before. Thanks,
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the reason you use primer on new sheetrock walls is to
give a uniform surface for your paint to adhere to. joint
compound and paper have different levels of porosity and
will cause light to reflect differently. primer is supposed
to take care of that problem. i'm betting that the primer
you used is the cause of your problem.
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Thanks for the idea. We primed with a Sherwin Williams primer. Then painted. Then primed again when problem was apparent. More finish coats. Then I decided to try what the professionals where having trouble with. I started with a wall still unpainted. Primed with a different primer and have one coat of finish paint on it. I will add the 2nd coat today but it does appear to have the same problem. I am struggling to find the cause and solution so the construction problem can proceed. I do not have a contractor for this part of the job so I am on my own. If you have any other ideas or talk to anyone with a similar problem please pass it along. Thanks
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just so happened that a master painter walked into my
office today so i asked him. oversanding can be a cause of your problem. it raises the nap of the paper. an oil based
primer will do the same thing. if your walls have already
been orangepeeled or textured it's too late to fix that.
if they haven't take a damp sponge and wet the paper. this
will lower the nap on paper. then use a latex primer on your
walls first. once this is dry you can then use oil based
primers and paints or latex paints.
hope this helps.
good luck!
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Thanks - it does help. At least I have one more person saying the sanding may be the problem. Yes I have textured.
The walls were primed with latex primer after texture. So now I have to find out how to solve the problem. I was hoping a flat paint over the current finish coats may do the trick but some people say I have to retexture. Unless I can find someone who has been through this before, it will be a shot in the dark whatever I do. I thank you for taking time to pass on info. Are you familiar with any web site that allows you to consult with an expert in the field of paint/sheetrock? If you hear anything new, please let me know.
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and that was the other thing he told me. even if the joints
weren't oversanded the texture will dry at much different
rates on the paper and joint compound and that will be another cause of your problem. finished drywall should always be primed before texturing or painting. your friends
may be right about retexturing. it isn't a real tough job if
you have the equipment and want to do it yourself to save
some money. you can easily do an entire house in a day for
$20-30 per room plus equipment rental. sorry i couldn't be of more help.

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