I can't drill into my wall...


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I can't drill into my wall...

Our master bed has an open design into the bathroom. Here's a picture:

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The brackets and curtains fell down the other day. I realize the brackets weren't secured deep. The screws were really tiny about half an inch. I wanted to drill in longer screws but I couldn't. I took a drill bit to make the pilot hole deeper but I couldn't go in any further with all my might. I put these curtains up probably 8 yrs ago, so I'm sure this was played out 8 yrs ago and somehow I gave up and decided to to go with the half inch screws and half inch drywall anchors. Now that it fell, I want to solve this once and for all.

What do home builders usually put in these door or hallway frames? How can I penetrate it, should I? Please advise, thank you.
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Normally inside walls are built with wood studs and drywall. I am not sure why you cannot drill into it but maybe it is concrete. You would need to use a hammer drill to drill into that.
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Could there be something in there that is protected by nail guards?
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..... and you did make sure the drill wasn't accidentally running in reverse, right?

I can't imagine there being anything other than wood construction behind that wall although the wall does appear to be wider than normal. Could there be any mechanicals running thru that wall? If any of the neighbor's have a similar house they might be able to shed some light on how it's constructed.
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I'm betting on nail guards as Tightcoat mentioned or a very dull cheap drill. Could be hitting a nail head also.
If all else fails you could construct an over the wall hanger type of thing to hold the curtains.
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Hi moc,
Applying excess pressure, when hoping to hit wood is a clear indication you shouldn't be drilling there. One crew for a company where I worked found a water pipe on the 4th floor of an office complex on a weekend with no one to shut the main water off. Yes, ouch. I know, not exactly your situation but until you clearly know what is stopping you, don't push it.

I see in the picture an over the top option to possibly hang the brackets along with an adhesive picture hanger or another short screw. Investigating from above might also tell you what is under that drywall and test holes wouldn't be visible.

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Thanks guys! I actually was able to bring the bracket lower with the curtains still not hitting the floor. Going lower, I got all drywall and was able to hammer in deeper anchors.

I'm using a nice bosch drill, and it wasn't in reverse. There is definitely something metal up there.
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Wall looks wider than standard interior wall. If there are rooms above and below this level, could be a chase for plumbing.
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There has to be a reason for the wide wall. Since it appears the room has a cathedral ceiling I doubt there is any living area above it. If it doesn't house mechanicals they only other thing I can think of is it could of originally been an exterior wall.
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