how long to dry wet drywall???


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OK We bought the money pit!!!! Pulled up all wet carpet, took care of pet smell. NEW PROBLEM...the bottom 2-3 inches of drywall are damp. Took off baseboards, found small areas of mold. Hit it hard with bleach. QUESTION how long will it take the dry wall to dry at the bottom (2-3")? We are using fans, and dehumidifers. The area is apporx. 1200 sf. We want to paint with kilz after it dries to stop any growth, smell!!! Thanks for help!
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I would guess that the drying time would be anywhere from one to three days, depending on how humid your climate is. It may also be necessary for you to replace the drywall once it dries. If its been getting wet a long time, it may crumble to bits once it dries. Water, especially long term exposure, tends to destroy sheetrock.

Good Luck-
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to texturewiz

Thanks for your reply...we've been using dehumidifiers and fans, it is slaowly drying...we're in Ohio, lately hot and humid, so it's drying SLOWLY. Thanks again for the reply!

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