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I am moving into a house with almost the whole thing covered in wood paneling. I like a little, but not this much! Is there anyone who can tell me what I can do to it. I have heard paining, but I think that would look a little weird. Please let me know what can be done!!!!
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I have / had the fake wood paneling in my house as well. In the bedroom I opted to peel off the whole thing and put drywall up in its place. In the basement, I just painted over it. You'd probably would want to wash it w/TSP before you paint it. Since it was the basement, I didn't care too much, but it looks ok painted.
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My husband and I had a similar experience when we moved into our house. As a cheap fix to our family room, I had seen on Lynnette Jennings or one of those other home improvement shows that you could spackel the lines, sand them and then prime them and they look just like wallboard. We ended up spackeling, sanding and priming and then deciding that they really needed spackeled again. Once we put the paint on the walls after the second round of spackeling, sanding and priming, it's really difficult to tell that it was ever paneling.

Good Luck!

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