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1930ís ceiling falling? Interlocking ceiling tiles?

1930ís ceiling falling? Interlocking ceiling tiles?

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1930ís ceiling falling? Interlocking ceiling tiles?

Hello all! I need some help with this. Iím a talker so forgive my rambling. Iíll try to keep it short.

My house was originally built in the 1930ís roughly, and they added on a second half (bedroom and bathroom, thereís notes in the photos thatís why Iím mentioning it) around 20 years ago. This problem is the ceiling in the foyer front door area, approx 8.3ftx9ft square like shaped.
The people who lived here before said itís been caving for awhile (we moved in dec 2019.) But itís been getting progressively worse. This room has a closet with an attic entrance and my fiancť went up one time and said the ďfloorĒ is covered in insulation.
I tried to tap it up to see if it would move and it feels super fragile like itís going to collapse.
I donít see furring strips, and Iím not sure how itís suspended there. I see nails but I donít see many nail spots on the outside of it when you look up. But thereís approx a 5inch gap between the ceiling and whatís above it and when you look inside the gap you donít see much. DIY wonít let me upload a video so I tried to get as many pics in as possible.

The only reason I mention the bathroom/bedroom half of the house is because of water damage.
Literally where the ďold houseĒ meets the ďnew houseĒ thereís 2 spots of previous water damage.
Bathroom= A
Bedroom = B
its like drawing a line Aóóóó-B of where the water spots are.
In the foyer on the other side of the wall is the bathroom. Up against the wall that separates the 2 rooms is a water mark. So thatís not far from this area.
(I made comments for each photo to understand where the water spots were in case that matters because I know moisture isnít good lol)

Iím just not sure what to do. Try and knock it all down? Get glue or nails and try to push it back up? Above the ceiling looks like really not pretty shiplap lol. I canít see how these are actually attached to it. Like pretend the gap wasnít there & the ceiling was still in place, would that space between the ceiling and the ďshiplapĒ still be there? How is the ceiling attached? Thatís what Iím so confused about

The good news is this ceiling (the whole 8.3ftx9ft) isnít attached to any other ceiling. Itís cordoned off basically room to room. Diff ceiling in diff rooms.

To me it looks like this kind of ceiling is interlocking, as shown, BUT the thing is it looks like long pieces of squares in strips. Aka why itís falling like this specifically.

I donít know. Thatís why Iím here. LOL
Someone send help LOL!!!
I donít want it to fall down one day while Iím working or my fiancť is working. I donít mind a good ol DIY, but I need some kind of basis to know what Iím doing for any project. So if someone can even tell me what ceiling this is or anything at all, I can work with that and run with it.

Iím just here to try and protect my cats from having a ceiling fall on them. #protectwildlife

This is why I think itís interlocking

Other side of this wall is the bathroom (to the right of the bedroom/bathroom doorway) & in that room (to the very right of this picture) is actually where a water spot is

This is whatís above the ceiling (peaking into the 2inch gap this is whatís above it)

Where they separated at the 2in gap

Standing to the left of the front door.

Almost a 2in gap. It honestly probably is 2inches though lol

The deep part of the gap

Pressing my phone into the gap this is whatís there. It looks like thereís about 5inches between the top side of the ceiling and whatever that is above it.

Again showing whatís above it. I donít see furring strips but what else is it attached to? Is this suspended? To me it seems like a bunch of long strips of tiles somehow suspended

Where the deep gap separates from the ceiling thatís still attached
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For a room that is less that 10x10 and what 20, 30 years old I would not waste any amount of time trying to repair! There are so many unique and easy to install options avaialbe.

We have several rooms eith Armstrong ceiling products, they look fantastic!


Here is our basement, Country Planks!

Old 07-11-21, 09:57 AM
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Definitely not worth the time to repair that old splined ceiling.
I'd wear a mask while working on that ceiling or taking it down.

Spline ceilings

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