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I have a 1916 brick home that must have sat without heat over a winter or two. This caused what I'm suspecting to be some lead based paint to crack and then curl. I've tried to chemically strip it away. This works but I just can't see doing all the walls. The layers of paint are very thick so faring in spackel just doesn't work. What I would like to do is drywall over the plaster.

I believe a cross section is brick and plaster for the outside wall. I don't know if there is a lathe or not, but there is no wire mesh. What is the best way to hang the drywall? Building a new studded wall is out of the question, there isn't enough space, because doors are in the way. Do I use some sort of adhesive to hang it or do I drill into the plaster/brick?

If drying walling isn't the answer to my problem what is? Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi Dougcress,well you have a couple of options.One you can remove all the old plaster,and hang your drywall to the furring strips,which i believe you have behind the walls.Or the best way to do it would be to install furring strips over the plaster wall,at 16" on center,then hang your drywall.You have to have lathe behind the plaster,thats what holds the plaster.So if you install furring strips,there about 1/2" thick,and 1/4" drywall,you only lose 3/4" from that wall.I dont know what shape your walls are in but i would run a string line from one end of the wall to the other,once you have the furring strips up,just to see if your walls are plum.If the string line doesnt touch all of the strips.you can add some strips of lattace to pack it out.Once thats done you can hang the drywall using 1" drywall screws and some drywall adhesive.

Hope this helps you,good luck

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